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Zalogny surprises the general who invented the Ukrainian resistance –

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Growing up in the Soviet Union, he admires the Russian Chief of Staff Gerasimov, and Zelensky chose him in 2021 and changed the Kyiv army.

In those summer days, while the Russians were massing men and chariots at the border, Zelensky did not believe the intelligence reports who predicted an imminent invasion. Zaluzhny with other officers, Instead you start making fundamental changes. The American Weekly said when will the history of this war be written timefor this week’s cover, Zaluzhny will play a leading role.

Born in 1973 in a military barracks in northern Ukraine, Zaluzhny is part of a generation of senior officers who grew up in the Soviet Unionbut who have worked in recent years to change the last Ukrainian army From a clumsy Soviet model to a modern chassis. If in fact the Russian military doctrine is based on decisions imposed from above, then Zaluzhny chose one of them More flexibility, giving confidence to leaders in the field. I grew up with a Russian military doctrine, he explained to timeDescribing himself as a huge fan of his rival, Russian Chief of Staff Valery Gerasimov. I read everything he wrote.

However, when in 2014 he became the commander of the forces fighting in the Donbass, General Zalogni began to adopt the first structural changesReferring to the American model that he studied in depth while studying. But the path was full of failures: The first military exercises of 2020, when the Javelins – Anti-tank missiles that turned out to be essential in the initial phase of the conflict – they failed in front of President Zelensky; Then, in early February, a simulation of the Russian attack was shown Violations of the Ukrainian defenses.

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These exercises were at the heart of Ukraine’s defense strategyBut the leaders did not take it seriously. He said: I cried for an hour time. I tried to make them understand that if they failed, it would not only cost us our lives, but our country as well. Then the graceful resistance campaign was organized. The generals began to move and camouflage materials, move troops and weapons around the country, transport planes, tanks, armored vehicles and anti-aircraft batteries. However, the details of the strategy have been kept secretTo avoid losing the effect of surprise.

We needed opponents to believe we were on our bases smoking marijuana, watching TV, and posting on Facebook. When is February 24th Russian troops crossed the borderAnd the On the other hand, the Ukrainians were ready and had two strategic goals. Zaloghny explains that we cannot lose Kyiv. At the same time, in all other carriers, we had to force them to shed blood even at the cost of losing territory. Then they let the Russians advancethen hit the heads of their columns and supply lines in the rear.

But the army did not change its approach. They kept sending their men to the massacre and this was the best case scenario for me, explained the general, who began to believe he could win. Then, in the summer, focus again on the sudden effectAnd the blinds the enemy: He announced a counterattack in the south, prompting the Russians to reposition forces, then attack in the northeast.

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