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You have them completely free, and only one requirement, a gift you ask for

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Today’s Italian families are increasingly looking for rewards to be able to move forward.

Italians earn very little but the cost of living is compensated a plus Always.


This is why a bonus allows you to get mosquito nets It can be absolutely free and definitely an opportunity not to be missed.

How to get a totally free mosquito net

In the summer, mosquito nets are definitely not a luxury. In fact, it’s a really basic expense.

However, today Italians are also forgoing important expenditures due to this high inflation. However, let’s see how you can actually get the entire mosquito net for free. There is only one condition to get a totally free mosquito net bonus. However, as we will see, even if you fail to comply with this important requirement, there is always another bonus that still allows for the 50% discount.

Here’s how to make the most of your savings

The Nets Bonus allows you to get nets completely free but not only: In fact, the installation will also be completely free. So thanks to this bonus, you will pay zero both Buying and installing mosquito nets at home. However, to get this 100% discount, it is necessary that the mosquito net is a cut-off job within the 110% super bonus. Self Installations One of the businesses pulled from the superbonus 110% here is that the purchase and installation of the mosquito net will be absolutely free. In any case, even if there is no possibility to use the super bonus 110%, there is still a possibility to reduce the purchase and installation of a mosquito net by 50%. This is a very useful possibility as it allows you to get a 50% discount even if the 110% Super Bonus is not included.

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There is also an easier option to get 50% off

In order to get 50% of the nets just use the eco bonus. So with the eco bonus, mosquito nets that will also allow for sun shade can get you a 50% discount. The selected nets must be repaired. So by choosing fixed nets that ensure sun shading, there will be up to 50% of the facilities. In fact, nets that provide protection from the sun’s rays are redeveloping the building from an energy point of view Hence it falls within the ecobonus stakes. Obviously, to enjoy the 50% discount, you need a trackable invoice and payment. This reward must be requested to Enea It can be ordered until December 31, 2022.

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