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Yes, Cesena has a strong budget.

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In this chair, last Thursday, William Vialli brought the curtain down on the 2021/2022 season after a terrible elimination against Monopoly. And on the same chair, yesterday morning Massimo Agostini opened the 2022/2023 season with the first press conference for the new session. Even without the announced presence of co-chairman Robert Lewis (“He apologizes, but due to an unexpected event he cannot be here with us”), the Cesena Technical District manager relinquished the role of central attacker and for once disguised himself as an attacking midfielder, disagreeing on all current issues regarding The present and the future of Cavalluccio.

Times and choices

“It’s been eight days since Cesena-Monopoli, we have to make up our minds and look forward to planning for the new year. For our part, the past has been erased, even if it remains regret not to offer another magical evening to our fans. I don’t know what happened last Thursday: after the first leg, I was already thinking about who we could face in the quarter-finals, but the players and staff didn’t. From the start another team sprinted onto the field, frightened, frightened, and without character. Here, this lesson can help us: to play a certain type of tournament, we need players with character. But that is the past, and now we are looking forward: the first announcement will take care of the new sporting director, and then the new coach. We’re working, we’ve vetted several high profile profiles and budding youngsters who can put themselves to the test as we do. The two we’ve identified (Agostini didn’t name names, editor) can’t be made public at this time but that’s not our fault (they’re still under contract with two other teams as of June 30, editor). Since we do not want to waste time, we have already started to work, drawing lines and looking around. I can assure you that the new Sports Director will want to participate, work and provide important profiles. He will be hungry, and he will know C but also B well and will want, just like us, to build something important by spending, but without wasting, the money that we will save. As for the technician, I tell you that he will make all the players he has ready to ride, and none of them will come to Cesena to spend the winter.”

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“Next year there will be a strong partnership between the club, the sporting director and the coach, we will all work in symbiosis and then of course it will be the last word for them. This path is very popular with the people we have identified and who we have spoken with and we can’t announce it just as an organizational issue, because they are not free yet As for the budget, it is an idea that the chiefs must express, because I am not talking about financing, but I can say that the budget will be there and will allow us to build a strong and competitive team. Contact him He knows exactly the contracted players, he has seen and studied them and is ready for an assessment. We also have our own idea, then we will see how many will leave again. The newcomers must have the desire to win, a lot of hunger and a great desire to sweat. We are not interested in the curriculum. And the past or we care about the right, for us the other aspects are more important. After nearly three years, the cycle ended that brought Cesena back to playing football in a certain way. Now we need another step and we are here to improve more thr, full support for device and players. At 99 percent, we’ll start again from Acquapartita, and we also want to open the season ticket campaign very soon. As for the youth sector, entering new numbers is not a priority today. With Mariani (who will become the sporting director, editor) we will prepare the organizational chart for all the teams and then we will see if other numbers are needed.”

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first few months

“We got into the race and did it on tiptoe, inside a mechanism that worked well. We tried to understand, evaluate and improve without being bothered. It’s been five months of work, interviews, comparisons and travel. But starting from July 1, a new cycle will start and we want to go on the right path immediately, to regain more enthusiasm than was imagined last Thursday at the start of the match against Monopoly.”

Rob de Cabas will be the new Artistic Sponsor

Cesena 2022-2023 will also have… a new stylist. After four years with Mizuno, the technical sponsor will change for the next season: it will be Robe di Kappa who will design the new Cavalluccio jerseys and provide all technical materials for the training and youth sector. Meanwhile, the 2021-2022 season officially ended yesterday afternoon at Villa Silvia, with the last training session led by William Vialli and his crew, at the end of which he started the first half. The players and staff have cleared the changing rooms and lockers and have been on vacation since yesterday.

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