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Blizzard victory or defeat the mediator? –

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Immortal Diablo Register in the first month takeovers Luckily 49 million Dollars: a clear victory for Blizzard, but many are convinced that it is at the same time a defeat for the video game medium. And they are not all wrong.

We talked about it in our Diablo Immortal review, and in fact we devoted most of the characters in the article to explaining How did we get to this point. The bottom line: the fault lies with those who did not want to spend even 79 cents on the purchase of mobile games, despite owning a phone with a thousand euros.

The preference of the vast majority of owners of smartphones and tablets, who prefer to lull themselves into the illusion of a free product, to a shift in the market, which has literally been invaded in a few years by the so-called freemium applications, which can be downloaded for free but come with an extension microtransactions more or less legitimate.

As we explained in the above review, this monetization system It is the only strength of the development teams that release their free games on the App Store and Google Play, but the methods in this sense are the most diverse and in general the appearance of the so-called paywall It happens very quickly, which limits the experience unless you put your hand in your wallet.

The Immortal Diablo and the Infamous Logos

In this sense, the Diablo Immortal experience is atypical: on the one hand, the game allows you to complete the entire campaign, taking almost thirty hours, Without spending anything at all; On the other hand, it welcomes us at the end of the game where the PvP modes find it difficult to compete without paying.

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Likewise I am pleased The most violent lootingwhich has always been an important aspect of Diablo’s gameplay, is hampered by the same practices, which prevent you from maximizing your character if you don’t invest in numbers that can become unnatural in some extreme situations.

Diablo Immortal, fight sequence
Diablo Immortal, fight sequence

Although the choice is clearly up to the users, who can take advantage of what is offered for free and ignore everything else, it is unfortunate that Blizzard did not want to force Quantum leap In free mobile games, having the name, resources, and skills to do so.

If we wanted to see the glass half full, this revenue would double the budget that a publisher could use to develop a file Diablo 4 Really in the stratosphere, and as an excellent product, devoid of tricks of this kind: microtransactions in this case will be limited to cosmetics and extensions.

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