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Multiplayer and campaign demo expected tomorrow, for another rumor –

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infinite aura It could come out early, at least in regards to its component multiplayerAs rumors abound that they want to release this early tomorrow, November 15 2021, on the occasion of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Xbox, during which it will also be released View campaign single player.

The clues are now multiplying, even if they remain simple Rumors: After the first rumors of an earlier abrupt exit, which surfaced from several alleged insiders, Pringles also began confirming – or something like that – the possibility of an early launch, given the company’s countdown to tomorrow.

Not only that, in the past few hours some gods have also appeared Updates Doubts about Halo Infinite on Steam, which seems to be preparing for something new to come, moreover, it seems that the developers of the multiplayer game Halo Infinite are currently playing 343 industries, with servers partially opened and some online activities recorded in these hours.

At one point it also seemed that the multiplayer game should be delayed but always scheduled for November, then other voices spoke of an immediate patch, putting everything back on track for a launch on November 15, 2021 or tomorrow.

It should still be considered just a rumor, but the theory that these rumors converge on is that the multiplayer game Halo Infinite, along with a demo of the single-player campaign, could launch tomorrow, November 15, at raw 18:00 Italian. We’ll see, even if the question is still highly questionable.

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