September 30, 2023

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Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Evaluating Subscription With Discounted Ad? –

Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Evaluating Subscription With Discounted Ad?  –

Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass with Advertising to me discounted price? Microsoft appears to be evaluating this possibility, at least according to a survey the company proposed to a series of Xbox users.

Among the different options we are talking about just a subscription 2.99 euros per monthhowever supported by commercials: practically the same strategy that Netflix implemented recently, but it could work even better in the field of games.

The premise Microsoft is considering also seems to be very aggressive: the €2.99 required for a subscription would include some Ultimate Edition perks, in this case online multiplayer and bonuses. Xbox Live Gold.

Xbox Game Pass, send the survey to users

In short, this would be a clear cut compared to the current costs of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: such a convenience that can already push users to accept the presence of some ads, although it will be necessary to understand how these contents are presented.

Having said that, for now it is just a survey, and a way to test the waters regarding certain capabilities: Microsoft is already evaluating such a solution, but its eventual realization should not be taken for granted and depends on various factors.

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