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Xbox exclusive developer reveals “Crap!”

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There is a much-awaited Xbox exclusive that should turn into the next big game from Microsoft’s console. But these same exclusive days find themselves at the center of a series of very strange rumours.

It all started when we can only officially identify him for now as a forum user RESTERA claimed to be a ex developer Bethesda And you have bad news regarding one of the most anticipated games of the year: Starfield.

Exclusive to Xbox, developer reveals Crap! (Photo: YouTube)

It all started when this user whose name was in the forum was Heavy 008 (And we use the past tense because his account was deleted), he replied to someone who asked him how it’s business. Inside Bethesda He also claimed to be a former member of this development team himself. Among the questions, there was a question about Starfield, and his answer sparked a storytelling movement on social networks.

Starfield, the Xbox game is good but the engine is wrong?

What happened a few days ago at resetera sparked reactions from sources we all often rely on for a preview of some Information In the Bethesda match that is still the goal we have to achieve Beginning of November. It all started when user Hevy008 replied to someone who asked him what it was like to work in Bethesda, if Todd (Howard) was as interesting as he seemed when they met him and how specifically Starfield development was:It was a nice place to work and very safe. But the engine is bad. Todd is definitely the charismatic type. Starfield looks good, they do it Weekly play test Every Thursday since the beginning of the year with more and more items appearing online. The dynamics of the battles are good, Flying is terrible At the moment in my opinion this is not funny. The lighting and the rest are getting better, though It’s not at the level of the Western Forbidden Horizon Or anything else like that but it’s still a good game. talking about if will come out right on time They’re obviously going to try and do it, and they’ll cut some of what they’ve done, they have redundant content, and they’re probably a lot so that’s not a problem, finding something fun and obviously the biggest thing is bug fixing. that it interesting history And there are few of them beta expected in the summer, At that moment, everything will be much clearer“.

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Exclusive to Xbox, developer reveals Crap!
Exclusive to Xbox, developer reveals Crap! (Photo: Bethesda)

All this information quickly spread across the Internet and was presented by many public vent To their frustration when they read that the graphics engine is bad. But trying to restore order, they arrived Jason Schreyer And Skull , Two characters who seem to have all the right connections within Bethesda on Twitter. Specifically, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief, it seems most information Presented by this former developer Bethesda (and that’s one of the very few things that has been confirmed, if not the only thing, even by Schreier) is nonsense. Schreyer’s Statue Twitter That he sent a bulleted list taken from Hevy008’s answer to Resetera to someone who clearly told him that “Caxati”.

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