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World Cup, Spain, de la Fuente introduces himself: “I know the present and future of our football”

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Spain opens a new chapter in its football history: The dismissal of coach Luis EnriqueAnd the His place is taken From Louis de la FuenteWho will undertake the task of recovering Roja from the bad fall he suffered by excluding him from the World Cup in Qatar.

So the new technician is presented to the press:

I have been a professional footballer for fifteen years – it was called in Las Rozas, at the headquarters of the Spanish Federation – I played thirteen years in the first division, won cups and championships, and was an international in all categories except for the first team. I have been working in the federation for ten years. This is the baggage you brought. I want to recapture the spirit of 2010 and the sense of belonging. You don’t need 48 million coaches, you need 48 million players“.

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If there is anyone here in Spain who knows the present and future of our football, it is me. I have the option to choose any player, with no age limit, so I don’t close the door on anyone. I love the young talents, but also the veterans who have given us so much and continue to give us so much.

Speaking of players, names have already appeared:Sergio Ramos will be called up if he is in good shape and all players who are in good shape will be selected. I’m happy Busquets wants to continue and I’m obviously counting on him. It is the history of football not only in the past, but also in the present and the future“.

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An idea, then, for his predecessor:When they asked me to become the new coach, I immediately accepted. Luis Enrique did a great job with this team. I am a coach who gives freedom to the player within the limits of balance. I love the technical goalkeepers who start the game, but first of all he has to save. We are not constrained to a specific unit, but we are willing to change when needed“.

About Luis Enrique, President of the Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubiales He asserted that it had “nothing to do with Twitch or bike tours,” but just had to start a new phase.

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