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Workaholic Lamberto Cantarroti in sports: ‘I love inline hockey and triathlon’

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Novy Ligure. On Saturday morning, between the champions of an international tri-level race, Sunday afternoon, among the owners of Novi Hockey in the row beat Gorizia to grab the last six to reach the second division. For Lamberto Cantarroti, who just turned 18, there could not have been a better weekend. In the multidisciplinary version, the young Novese took the silver for the first time in the junior race at the Next Race X Terra in 23rd place in the total sprint on Lake Garda and just over 24 hours later contributed to the success of his team in the stifling heat of Gorizia.

Cantarutti was born into the inline hockey rinks where he landed as a kid and now plays in Serie A at Sportleale Monleale and in Serie A for his team. The passion for triathlon came after the skates, as he himself explains: “During the epidemic, there were only a few group training sessions in the line, and to keep fit, I emphasized running and cycling, alternating with swimming. I knew triathlon but was lucky enough to have a team like Sai Frecce Bianche Alessandria close to home, where there is a franchise between athletes and technicians. Stefano Davitt taught me the method and provided me with an exceptional environment, both technically and humanly. On Garda Martina Stanchi and Gianfranco Ccco they took second place in the overall standings. Compared to them, I still have a long way to go.”

But his first love was never forgotten, and therefore the young student from Chileni in Valenza never gave up hockey in the class, which remained his main specialty: “It is complementary sports. Running and cycling help improve the fluidity of movement on the skates, and allow me to keep fit even in the summer — he continues — when triathlon becomes mainstream. And you happen to encounter double sessions during winter hockey practice on training evenings.”

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Now one last try on skates: On June 18-19, Cantarutti will attempt to contribute to the jump for the Novi hockey category, before dedicating himself almost full time to the triathlon where growth has been surprising.

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