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Women’s water polo, Setarosa beats Canada in friendly to prepare for World Cup

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The Setarosa Point the viewfinder 2nd Qualifier of Women’s Water Polo World Cup 2023: The Italian national teamBefore moving on Athens GreeceHe faced Friendly The CanadaNarrow win by one score 13-12.

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from Carlo Silibo’s Italy from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 April The U.S. will play in a playoff with the Netherlands and Hungary to determine The seeds from the Long Beach final. Italy will bring 6 points from the 1st round: Netherlands in the lead with 9, then USA 7 and finally Hungary 6 like the Blues.

This is Analysis of CT, Carlo Silibo of Setarosato Federal site: “Winning games like this is important. The girls were a bit tired: they had done a session in the gym half an hour before facing Canada. The team is doing well and now we are thinking about the second part of the World Cup“.

Women’s Water Polo World Cup 2023: 2nd Round Calendar Defined Setarosa will play in the playoffs with the United States, the Netherlands and Hungary

Italy-Canada 13-12
Italy: Condorelli, Tabani, Galardi, Avegno 2 (1 penalty), Citino, Pettini, Bigozzi 2 (1 penalty), Di Claudio 2, Sercol, Marletta 2, Cochier 2, Viagava 1, Cesena, Cant 2, De March. All. Silibo.
Canada: Gautrault, Mimitis, Grevier 2, Wright 3, Lisot, McDowell, Pacock 2, Lemay-Lavoie 1, McKelvey 3, Van Dyck, Paul 1, Cowan, Jaffe. Herds Baradelo.
Judges: L. Bianco and Ricciotti.
References: Parts 1-3, 4-1, 5-6, 3-2. Not out due to margin of error. Numerical superiority: Italy 3/6 + 2 penalties and Canada 2/6. Condorelli (I) and Gaudreult (C) in goal. Jaffe (C) took over from Goudreault early in the third half. About 300 visitors.

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Photo: LiveMedia/Luigi Canu

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