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Women and children in Russia, men at arms –

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to Andrea Nicastro

Moscow is testing its strategic missiles and flexing its muscles for the West. The separatists are ready for battle. Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed. Anxiety in Kiev

Who sent us
how – Olga can no longer work as a translator because she ran away to the dacha. If Putin bombs, we will reach Poland from the forest before the tanks reach the city center. And not even Irina can work. She has no dacha or asylum friends, but she has to stay in the city with her mother. He couldn’t leave her at such a moment. He watches TV and is afraid. If the Russians come, we’ll lock ourselves up at home, but I have to be with her. Ni, which in Ukrainian means no, as well as by Dmitriy. He is one of the seven million men of military age to be reckoned with President Zelensky To resist the invasion like Afghanistan. Yesterday he was at the shooting rangeToday, he will be with 400 other volunteers in the center of the capital for a crash course in first aid. If they made the mistake of conquest, it would cost them so dearly that they would have to retreat.

gogol infection

The Ukrainian, who knew his people like Nikolai Gogol, wrote that the most contagious fear of the plague is transmitted in the blink of an eye. Ukraine hopes to keep the region intact It was inherited from the Soviet Union, but the problem is that all Russians study Gogol’. This crisis is as much about nerves and theater as On the barrels of guns
. The massing of 150,000/190,000 Russian soldiers on the country’s border is a sight that makes your wrists tremble, not seen since 1945. The American beating (they attack tomorrow, no, next week, too soon) robs sleep. American strategists imagined the day after the invasion for tomorrow: with the conclusion of the Olympics for our friend ChinaRussia will no longer have fears of ruining the world audience in Beijing. He can move tanks.

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nuclear muscle

The direction of this tension strategy, Still in the hands of Moscow. The Kremlin to pour doses of tension into the nervous system of the former sister nation. Yesterday at least two full jugs. One smelled of Armageddon, the other smelled of blood and trenches. Ukrainians study Russian TV, especially these days Yesterday there was at all times President Putin with his Belarusian friend Lukashenko, who watched his ballistic missiles launched from trucks, ships and planes. The message to the Ukrainians was: Here are our nuclear muscles, and that is why you are on your own, and no one will risk an atomic holocaust for you. Another dose of fear came from that corner of Ukraine that hasn’t been Ukraine for 8 years.

general packing

The citizens of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics are in a state of general mobilization. The instructors brought women, children and the elderly across the border, under the protection of Moscow. Men of conscription age kept fighting, in honor of Putin’s virility. On the dividing line, 1500 violations of the ceasefire, according to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: They keep calling it a cease-fire, perhaps not recognizing that the armistice is over. Ukraine reports the killing of two soldiers and 4 wounded. Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky was responding to reporters at the front when the mortars fell. On the other hand, separatists denounce the killing of a civilian.

mine forests

The forest is full of mines, and cannons often shoot at night with cables, but now, with general mobilization, it will be difficult to distinguish a Donetsk baker in a military suit bought on the market by a Putin soldier who took from the insignia. Already in 2014, some mysterious green men took over Crimea in a few hours And only months later, Moscow admitted that they were its special forces. Now it could happen again, perhaps to connect the breakaway republics directly to Crimea in a corridor with Russia.

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Zelensky disobeys the Americans

Ukrainian President Zelensky disobeyed the Americans and flew to Munich. Washington advised him to stay at home because in the event of an invasion he would be outside. The attack did not happen e Zelensky took the scene. Remember that he is a good actor, he has attracted the ears of those who say they want to help their country. Instead of declaring economic sanctions against Russia in the event of an invasion, since you are sure it will attack, why not impose them immediately? Or at least, why don’t you say today, now, What kind of sanctions would it be until Moscow understood the cost of its decisions?. Yes why?

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