April 24, 2024

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With this mistake the paper is swallowed up

When making an ATM transaction, you need to be very careful. In this case, for example, there is a risk of swallowing the paper

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

the ATM It has become a commonly used tool. However, we must also consider the potential risks of the operations that we will implement. While some simple precautions should be taken regarding tampering, first and foremost covering the keyboard when entering the PIN, other sources of risk are mainly related to dispersal.

the withdrawal It is the process that is mostly done through these machines. The options, however, are many and all of them are of great importance. As we said earlier, these hide some risks, let’s find out specifically what the risks are and above all how to avoid problems.

Automated teller machine: This is how the card is swallowed

Automated teller machine (Adobe Photo)

As we said earlier, at ATMs it is not only possible to make withdrawals. In this case, for example, we are talking about the risks associated with Shipping from your account. It is possible, in fact, to insert money that will later be in the machine debit account. The process is not complicated.

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Once the card is inserted, we will be asked to select the type of service we want to access. Once we determine that we intend to put money into our account, a drawer opens in which cash must be entered. This is then followed by counting the banknotes and finally completing the process.

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At this point, a receipt will be printed showing the payment details. Usually when making a file withdrawal The receipt marks the end of the process. In this circumstance, there is still one step missing, which is to draw the card. If we’re going to leave without doing that last step, thinking we’ve done it, the risk is that the card will either be swallowed by the machine or worse still, someone can grab it.