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“With Spies, a decisive match in the playoffs and second place”

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Direct engagement in sight to Pro Calcio Aurelio from the artistic Riccardo Fane, who will face next weekend Spes Montesacro within its friendly walls, in a duel for second place in Group B, of the regional championship for under 18 years. An important date for the host, which comes after the knockout achieved against Cesano: “Unfortunately, it was a match that we complicated, without prejudice to the value of our opponents, who are at the level and whom I congratulate. But how we missed so many chances to score, including the penalty kick, but we We have already prepared everything and are ready for the next challenge.” The match, as we mentioned at the beginning, will be against Spes Montesacro, with both teams reaching this round with 49 points, behind leaders Tor di Quinto: “I think the match against Spes will be very physical. Similar dynamic to the match played in the first leg, so the Whoever leads first will count a lot. A good push for second place, separating Spes and bringing the advantage to a full match. Thus, the decisive challenge, when there are only four games left at the end of the regular season: “Between Spes, SVS Roma that we will always face at home and Don Gaspare Bertoni, given that we will close the group by resting on the last day. The most specific is the exact dimension “For the importance of the race that is about to arrive. I take this opportunity to thank my boys for the dedication and commitment they put in every day. They have really improved a lot since last year, when we were in the Provincials. Now let’s focus on this match, the focal point to get to the playoffs.”

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