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With “Collezioni del Novecento”, Pistoia provides space for its artists

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Pistoia Museums Displayed at headquarters Palazzo de Rossi A new museum itinerary entirely dedicated to the artists active in the city from the early 1900s to the present day. Thanks to works on loan for use from Caript . Foundation Group And from 20th Century Pistoian Collection by Intesa SanpaoloAnd the “Twentieth Century Collections” Draws a representative overview ofItalian art between the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

sponsored by Annamaria Iacuzzicurator of the 20th century collections of Pistoia Musei, the initiative is working in stages Pietro Boggiani, Eagle Marini, Fernando Milani, Gualtiero Natifi, Mario Negro, Umberto Boscioni and Roberto Barni. The exhibition begins with three images of the artist Galileo Cini, Giovanni Costetti and Francesco Chiappelli which presents the Pistoian cultural context in the first decade of the twentieth century. The road continues with The sculptural group “Scioperanti” by Andrea Lippi It brings the theme of the social struggle for visiting work back to reality. In the same room we find the Painter Mario Nannini Participate in campaign themes through the process of decomposition and future synthesis.

The next section is dedicated to “Back to Order” in the 1920s, with some works searching for spiritual correspondences between landscapes and modest country objects, painting and poetry. This is the case of Pietro Boggiani, Renzo Agostini, Eloisa Pacini Michelucci, Valerio Gili and Giulio Innocenti. L ‘Post-WWII art It was then documented through landscapes, urban architectural suggestions and representations of the vices and virtues of provincial life, in the private works of Aldo Frosini Alfredo Fabri, Lando Landini, Remo Gordigiani, and Giorgio Vivarelli. In the center of the exhibition is the layout Fantastic work on the Pomona stone for Marino Marini It confirms the reference role that the Pistoian sculptor poses to the different artistic generations in the city.

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There is no shortage of dedicated area forabstraction In particular to search for new materials from Fernando Milaniai Color engineering studies by Gualtiero Nativito the rhythmic and dynamic succession in a space Mario Negro. From the Pistoia School, translating the demands of American pop art in an unprecedented way, to the restoration of the metaphysical matrix of Roberto Barney, the exhibition heads into the new millennium with Sculptures by Andrea Dami and Luigi Rosso Paputo. Thanks to the Caript Foundation’s acquisition of business Zoe Groney and Federico Gourithe last room highlights Young artistic generations Shifting the time limits of the groups towards the contemporary.

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