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Winter sales continue. Business volume 4.2 billion – Economy

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The winter sale season has officially started. Sicily and Basilicata start discounts tomorrow January 2nd; Valle d’Aosta will do so on January 3, while all other regions will leave on Wednesday, January 5. For sales shopping, which again this year affects more than 15 million households, according to estimates by the Confcommercio research department, each person will spend about 119 euros, against a turnover of 4.2 billion euros.

Sales start and 4 in ten Italians (39%) already plan to take advantage of discounted purchases to purchase one or more products, with an average budget of 150 euros per person. This is what emerges from the Predictive Scale Survey conducted by Confesercenti on a sample of consumers. Unfortunately – highlights Confesercenti – these numbers are still far from pre-crisis numbers: on the occasion of winter sales in January 2020, 48% of Italians said they were interested in the event. The result weighs heavily on the omicron shadow and the negative impact it has on families’ trust. But competition for the sales event from bulimics for pre-Christmas and Christmas promotions is affecting consumers is also affecting, starting with Black Friday “closure” in particular, less than a month before Christmas. On the other hand, the impulse buying trend is increasing: compared to 2020, the share of consumers who will decide to buy products on sale at the moment, based on offers, increases from 41 to 46%. The survey then shows how, despite the increasing competition from the web, sales remain an event primarily associated with physical stores. Moreover, shoes are on top of the desires of Italians.

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