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Givoni Children’s Film Festival announces guest Orsini and social squabble explodes

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Among directors, actors and popular personalities among children, in the program Jifoni Film Festival This year also prof. Alessandro Orsini. The Lewis Professor of Sociology of Terror was announced with some enthusiasm on the event’s Twitter profile, in which he explained that Orsini would meet the boys “who we are sure will give them very interesting concepts!”. But this enthusiasm does not seem to be widely shared on social networks, where Giffoni’s profile has been targeted by criticism and sometimes fierce comments. Choosing Lewis’ teacher inevitably causes a debate already Fired Under the guidance of the Confessional University Observatory of International Security, especially after the controversial positions taken by Orsini stubbornly since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which Muallem’s critics considered explicitly pro-Persian.

“But a little shame? – asks the former union Marco Bentevogli – Call Lavrov directly. We are still waiting to understand why Eni funded the observatory.” Dal Givoni tried to defend the option, stating that the festival is “a free land. Where thought is free. Where everyone is free to express their opinions.” The journalist adds to the dose Fulvio Baglialonga, author of Agorà su Raitre: «Well done. Someone has to explain to young people how to live happily under a dictatorship.” Referring to one of Orsini’s memorable statements a White paperswhen he said that Grandfather lived like a happy child during the fascism. And the former MP from the FdI is backing down hard Guido Crosito: “After ‘Bimbe di Conte’ here are the ‘Orsini children’. It was born as a children’s film festival and ended up as a party venue. Congratulations on being able to spoil a great idea.”

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