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Will Starfield be Skyrim in space? The Head of Xbox Games Answers

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release starfieldthe highly anticipated space RPG Bethesda, is expected in 2023Although we don’t yet know the game’s official release date.

title, is also coming to Xbox Game Pass (the subscription service you find on me Amazon really attractive price), will put a large number of Worlds to exploreplus much more.

If it is on paper starfield It will be a video game Impressive in terms of contentis also and above all Amount of planets to visitmany wonder if the game will be in some sense One Skyrim in the space.

Now, that Bethesda has released a short video in which Creative Director Todd Howard talks about the game, he understands that Some gaming effects which led to its creation, loot died Emphasize the similarities between the title in question and the popular fantasy RPG from Epic Sheikh manuscripts.

As I also mentioned before Game SpotAnd the starfield It seems that it will contain A series of classic game elements from Bethesda titlesBut apparently you don’t expect anyone Skyrim Big budget space in tow.

Speaking on the Friends Per Second vlog (featuring Lucy James), the head of Xbox games briefly discussed the game’s progress and how Bethesda is pushing hard Title mixes “NASA-punk” design With traditional elements of the genre such as spaceship building, space combat and exploration of the game world.

“I think that There will be a lot of news Bethesda and Todd Howard fans have never seen it and will be introduced into the game. I just know the team is working hard to fix all of this stuff and put it together. I’m fortunate enough to be involved in the progress reports, and it’s fun to see them working at the level of finishing the game now.”Booty explained.

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A Bethesda brand to expect in starfield I Dialog options Reminiscent of the old games of the company.

The main difference is that players will be able to use it persuasion system To push the conversation in the direction that suits them.

But not only that: users will be at their disposal A fixed number of transformations and points of persuasion from which to select various dialogue options in an effort to persuade the non-playable characters to acquiesce in their demands. This will pay off starfield Significantly different from Skyrim, as well as from the point of view of setting.

To stay on topic, last September the US publisher updated some key pre-release promotional materials for starfieldmaking players think so something will happen.

On the other hand, if you want to know everything – absolutely everything – that has been known about the address in question, you can always Take back our very rich feedAlways and only on pages SpazioGames.

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