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Will it become a triple debt? The director himself speaks, Denis Villeneuve

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Will it become a triple debt? There are many science fiction fans who rejoiced when the movie was shown in theaters. The second has already been announced, but will the saga become a trilogy? The manager is talking about it.

Dune 2 has already been announced (Instagram screenshot)

The film, which was released a few weeks ago in cinemas, deals with a series of six books known as “Cyclo de Dion” by Frank Herbert. As easy as it is to imagine, the materials to create movies that tell the story on the big screen are definitely not available. And that, Denis Villeneuve, director of Dune with Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, knows it all too well.

The director managed to do justice to one of the greatest classics of science fiction literature, working and handling the plot well and with an aesthetic sense typical of his stylistic icon. For this reason, the film earned a prestigious position among the masterpieces of the genre and managed to conquer fans and box office.

Success, therefore, everyone wants to ride. That’s why, a few weeks after it hit theaters, the sequel, Dune 2, has already been announced, approved by Warner Bros. And speaking of the second act, the director predicted that there would be plenty of action, which is sure to please fans.

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Will it become a triple debt? Villeneuve says his words.

But during his interview with Entertainment Weekly, the director went further and revealed that, in his plans, there will be a third Dune chapter, making it a complete trilogy. It would definitely be quite a challenge for him, given the complexity of the novels he would have to make use of.

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For now, what we do know is that the movie is still in theaters and really beats everyone. The film, in fact, as of October 25, 2021, has grossed $223,000,000 worldwide.

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