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Will Death Stranding 2 be a PlayStation exclusive, the latest in the deal with Sony? –

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known dusk inside golem Talk about it Death Stranding 2a game that has recently returned to rumours, claiming that it certainly “PlayStation Exclusive And the maybe the last Linked to an agreement signed between Kojima Productions and Sony.

The question would rule out the idea of ​​Death Stranding 2 proposed exclusively on Google Stadia and then scrapped by Phil Harrison and co-workers: the latter – if it ever existed – might have been Hideo Kojima’s other Google cloud gaming, but it couldn’t have been a sequel to Death Stranding, as it was always intended to be A PlayStation exclusive console.

Therefore, Death Stranding 2 will definitely be a PS5 exclusive console (we don’t know at the moment if it’s also expected on PS4), precisely because it will be part of an exclusive agreement signed between Kojima Productions and Sony.

this is Agreement providing for two games And according to insider Dusk Golem, the last of these will be Death Stranding 2, currently known internally by the codename Ocean.

According to this information, the agreement provided for two exclusive games, and thus will end with the launch of the new chapter in development. The insider claims the parties should discuss a possible extension of the agreement or its natural expropriation: if the latter is the one chosen, Death Stranding 2 could be it.Hideo Kojima’s latest PlayStation exclusiveexcept for more new deals, which will also coincide with the fact that Kojima Productions is working on a game for PC and Xbox with Xbox Game Studios, as we also saw at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase last June.

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