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One of the Avengers is a Skrull, and for a long time, too! news

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Big news in home whatrvel and come from string Secret invasion. show championship Samuel L. Jackson She dropped a respectable bombshell in the fourth episode, revealing this One of the members of the Avengers is actually a Skrull. Kevin Feige Now Teases Fans: How Long Will This Cover Last?

Warning: Contains spoilers for the fourth installment of Secret Invasion

For many years this was the motto: Since the alien-altering aliens were introduced in Captain MarvelAny suspicious attitude on the part of the character was accompanied by the phrase «It’s Skrull! ». If you are also among those who have supported these theories, now is the time to brush up on yours Leonardo DiCaprio memes Refers to the TV in Once upon a time in… HollywoodBecause it already happened.

In the fourth episode of the programme Secret invasion, sweetheartIndeed, it turns out Colonel James “Rowdy” Rhodes aka War Machine is actually a Skrull. Someone had already figured it out: some of his behavior during Episode II was very suspicious – especially in the series, which tells how shape-shifters have infiltrated the corridors of power all over the world.

Compared to the past, when Skrulls were easy to identify because they didn’t have the memories of the people they assumed their identity, now things are much more difficult: Gravik rebels They have actually started kidnapping their subjects, absorbing their memories, etc. Therefore, it was the emotional side that betrayed Rhodes. After Nick Fury was firedHowever, in Episode IV, the former SHIELD leader finally discovers the truth.

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But since when did the Skrull replace an Avengers? The question is intriguing and Kevin Feige he knows. Tensions will build over this, over understanding.”From how Skrull was exactly. We love the idea of ​​returning fans Look at other appearances of Rudy to understand that this was not really him». Once it was different, one can make fun of it, it seemed more Cuba Gooding Jr!

Now it remains to be seen if there is indeed evidence scattered throughout the timeline of Marvel Cinematic Universe: was at a funeral Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame? An answer definitely has to be given, especially in light of the movie Shield Wars who they will see as the protagonist.

what do you think? Do you have a theory about that? Tell us about you in the comments.

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