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Who will be the next Prime Minister – Libero Quotidiano

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Gianluigi Paragon talk to the air that pullsIn La7, he reiterated the main aspects aimed at Italexit, which according to the latest polls is close to the 3% threshold. A political force, as the name itself suggests, suggests first of all leaving the European Union and also of monetary power: in short, a more decisive Brexit.

So what would happen if there was a major comparison government? Considering that there will be billions of banner to manage…”It will be renegotiated As Great Britain did – answered the Italexit leader – but we also want to leave the monetary union. If there is a large majority of Italian citizens in favor of leaving the EU, there will be nothing else to do but negotiate. Would you give up PNRR? But Paragon can’t get to Palazzo Chigi, not how Mario the Dragon Someone was driving it.”

Speaking of Draghi, who could replace him after the September 25 elections? “It seems clear to me that the path was set for him Recreate emergency situations – announced Paragon – thus bringing another man of Providence to Palazzo Chigi: first Monty, then Draghi. It seems to me that the space for politics no longer exists.”

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