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Who spied on the heads of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti? Trojans and bugs are at headquarters, Domani reveals

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Managing Director of the company Deposit and loan fund Dario Scanapico Found bugs and trojans in his cell phone and in offices Via Goito. write it today Emiliano Fittipaldi on me tomorrowConsidering that the discovery came after reclamation was ordered out slaughterhouse. and theto me He asked Italian intelligence to find out who had planted them. In recent months, topics covered during board meetings have ended up in the newspapers. and even some audio files which included speeches at meetings sent for some institutional issues. with intent to harm him and the company. lawyers CDP They sent a complaint to the prosecutor’s office.

Controls within CdP

tomorrow Shows that controls within the company are cyclical. But since when slaughterhouse He is the president of the company you are in Intensification. mobile phones from senior managers They are often “booked” for checks. They are usually returned after a few hours. If there was anything wrong, they would check for a week or so. The CDP explains that “the files managed are of strategic importance to large sectors of the country’s economy, and in these files, as is usual, there are strict confidentiality obligations. To protect these obligations, CASA takes all measures deemed necessary. slaughterhouse Political support was lost with the fall Draghi government. Thus, according to his enemies, the exhibits will generate a syndrome of “intrigue” that would not exist in reality. But the CEO is currently running a file one network To bring broadband across the country. A match on which her future depends Tim Based on Open the fiber.

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Scanapico Criticisms

Scannapico in particular has come under fire lately. The criticisms mainly concern the memorandum between Tim and Cdp due today. An agreement that included an offer from CdP to the former monopolist to buy the network. while the second tomorrow There are those in the government, such as the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications Alessio Buttigo ahead aAttempt to take possession of Tim Then disconnect the network from the services. Just yesterday Throw and Minister of Enterprise Adolfo Orso They announced a fix by December 31st: «Taking into consideration the priorities of consolidating human resources in TIM and implementing an efficient and extensive national network under public scrutiny, the government intends to promote an action agenda that, by December 31, can contribute to the identification of the best applicable market solutions in order to maximize The interests of the state, the concerned companies and their shareholders and stakeholders, taking into account the existing regulations at the national and European levels and the necessary economic, financial and employment balances.

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