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Who is Rosario Italla, the Italian judge of the International Criminal Court who accuses Putin of war crimes?

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Today, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is accused of war crimes, for having deported thousands of children in Syria. Ukraine. A document defined as “historic” by a government Kyiv It was described as “toilet paper” by that He flies. between judges The Hague court, which formally accused Putin war crimes There is also an Italian. around Rosario Itala, 55 years old, originally from Catania. Aytala, a former police officer, teaches international criminal law at Lewis University, but has thirty years of experience in law, criminal phenomena, human rights, and international relations. During his career in the judiciary, which began in 1997, Itala held various positions in Milan, Trapani and Rome, mainly dealing with the mafia, corruption and international terrorism. “International criminal law is a way of looking at the world. Everyone who reads the pages of the history of mass atrocities, even if they are very far away in time and space, becomes a witness to crimes that demand justice, ”wrote the judge of the International Criminal Court in one of his recent books.

Overseas experience

Prior to his arrival in The Hague, Aitala was also a consultant for crisis areas and international crime Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Afghanistan, the Balkans and Latin America, as well as a member of the Commission war crimes Created by Minister of Justice Marta Cordoba. In fact, he was the one who helped the Keeper of the Seals draft a file International Crimes Code. The document that was approved by the Cabinet only yesterday and will be clarified on Monday in the London Posted by Carlo Nordio, Caliph of Cordoba, at the Conference of Ministers of Justice. Finally, in 2018, Itala was elected to the International Criminal Court. A position he would hold for nine years, even 2027.

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