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Who is actually Mia is the hero of the movie Mia and the White Lion: A True Story

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Who watched the movie? Mia and the white lion You will surely wonder if this is a true story, if there is a true story at the basis of this movie’s production. What the movie in question says is a very special adventure, a friendship between a young girl and a lion.

The little girl will try in every way to oppose lion abdication, which is what the father would like to do. But let’s see what there is to know about the movie Mia and the White Lion, and in particular about the heroes of the film producer.

Is this a true story?

The film is inspired by the same story lived by the protagonists and everything is told in some way very realistic. In particular, we know that it is not a true story in all respects, but the friendship between the girl and the lion did exist.

In fact, it was decided to shoot the movie over a period of three years, in order to tell the story of the friendship that eventually developed between the little girl and the lion. Dania de Villiersthe actress who plays the young woman, H oxLeo, created a true friendship over time.

In the three years that the film producer was shot, the growth of the girl and the lion followed, which is why stunts were not needed.

The production in question is based on a theme developed by Pure de Maistrewife Gil de MaistreFilm director. In fact, the woman wrote the history after taking a trip to South Africa.

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The movie was shot in South Africa Welgedacht Reserve, an area located a short distance from Pretoria. The shooting and supervision of the film was supervised by zoologist Kevin Richardson, who put in very careful supervisory work, and monitored all production footage, which required a budget of $8.7 million.

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Over the years, the interactions between Daniah De Villiers and the lion have been watched, resulting in a really interesting movie score, which basically traces the growth of a lion cub.

The plot of the movie Mia and the White Lion

The plot sees the young girl Mia, who faces a move to Africa because of her father’s work, a zoologist. Charlie is a Lion cub Which is bred in breeding, which is a very rare specimen of the white lion.

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When the heroine of the film turns 14, she will find out that her father is planning to sell Charlie. The production of the film in question depends on this point and on the friendship between the young woman and the lion.

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