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Who are the cleanest customers in hotels? The maid reveals the secret that everyone must follow

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Hotel Cleaning Agents: Curious about what country your cleaning junkies come from, even on vacation?

When we enter the hotelWe have to be honest, let ourselves go a little. The idea that we’re on vacation and this There is someone who takes care of the cleaning From the room at our place, it ensures that the most chaotic and disorganized part of us is liberated!

We don’t worry about making the bed. If something falls on the floor, we don’t rush to pick it up and maybe forget about it. If we splash water on the mirror in the bathroom or toothpaste ends up in the sink, we won’t bother to clean it completely. In short, we are completely dependent on who is responsible for cleaning the room.

That’s it Sometimes we exaggerate Leaving things in chaos and what legitimate desire is not to worry about anything on vacation Rudeness. Perhaps this is to encourage other hotel customers a little A hotel operator in Buenos Aires posted a video on TikTok Show which one Nationals are customers who leave the hotel room in the best conditions.

The nationality of hotel guests most concerned with cleanliness

It is true that a person may think that if he pays for a service such as cleaning a room, he does not have to worry so much about how he leaves the room. The logic is not wrong, but as we expected, relaxation sometimes becomes impudence.

Nationality of ideal hotel guests –

We often hear complaints from hotels telling how guests sometimes literally destroy the room without worrying about anything at all. Very dirty towels, bathrooms in a state of disrepair, stained sheets… In these cases, it’s not about convenience and not thinking about cleaning, it’s about disrespect.

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TikTok user @mariamercedes.27 published this video in which he explains the nationality of the customers who, according to him, are very nice and who always leave the hotel rooms in perfect condition.

@mariamercedes.27 From the continent of Asia 👲🌏 #the hotel #meliabuenosaires #fyp #for you #Wall paper #fypシ #duet #TikTok #viajes #Travel #olvidos #tiktokindia #Limbeza #kidding #mukamas #Argentina #buenosaires #tiktokindia ♬ Aesthetic – Tolan Kim

In the video, we first focus on what remains perfect and then a clue comes in: “Do you know what nationality the customers are who don’t make a mess or make a mess? – announces the maid – look at the bed, it’s flawless. The bathroom too. Everything is very tidy. It’s the nationality Perfect and if you want a hint: they speak Japanese.” Therefore, the Japanese seem to be the ideal customers.

The summit is likely to be a compromise between those who worry about tidiness even on holiday and those who forget good manners instead! do not you think so?

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