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Whiskey Shots: The end of the war between Canada and Denmark

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‘War’Hans IslandLost land in the Arctic Ocean at the center of the Narஸ்s Strait in between Danish Greenland and Canadian Ellesmere.

Despite its small size and lack of hospitality, the two governments fought for fifty years over the issue, and Tuesday’s resolution was passed, which led the parties involved. Divide the territory in half – Center for Denmark and Borders of Canada. This Agreement was sealed by the Liquor Transfer, By the unusual methods by which the controversy was conducted. Denmark is still waiting for parliamentary approval.


it will be called so ‘Whiskey War’ It happened amidst completely non-military malice and gimmicks. Bravely facing the unfavorable weather conditions, the whole group challenged each other with alcohol in a few square kilometers (1.2) of Hans Island.

It all started 1973. Canada and Denmark had to resolve some disputes over their borders: there was a specific debate about a faction crossing it. Narrows Strait, Hans Island. But without a solution, the island is less than 12 miles from both shores, blocking the definite characteristics of regional water boundaries.

The situation opened only inside 1984, When Canada dropped some troops on a small rock, a flag and a bottle of Canadian whiskey were now successfully planted in the ground. A few weeks later, the Danish Minister for Greenland Affairs left for the island and responded to the attack, where he replaced enemy banners with the Danish flag and a bottle of Schnapps from the traditional Copenhagen region. Leaving a ridiculous note that says “Welcome to the Danish Island”. The process was followed by other similar responses from both sides, which lasted until last week.

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Uninhabitable land

These difficult maneuvers, when examined in terms of the nature of the place, can be considered unequal: the island is not very large, its rocky surface and Unfit to live. Maybe one Try It should be seen in its potential as a route to the North Sea, a border with Europe for Canada, or a point of separation (although it is hard to imagine that these functions could be done definitively). That’s what we know for sure The Whiskey War has given us an example of a more peaceful and carefree war than we are used to.

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