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Fiat Punto, the new model is coming

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Who remembers the Fiat Punto? One of the most famous used cars by Italians. His return seems closer than ever. Let’s find out how stylistic it can be.

Fiat Punto, how can we forget the legendary all-Italian model widely used on the peninsula and beyond. It is impossible not to remember a car that made, in its own way, the history of the Italian automobile industry. But is his return possible? Certainly, there are many who dream of this happening, as evidenced by a very special presentation that was created with meticulous thought of the legendary Fiat.

Fiat Punto, is the Italian icon back? (web source)

Before understanding if there is a real possibility of a Punto review in action, it’s good to point out that it’s really hard to think that Stellantis will focus on the previous model. Many years have passed since its release, moreover, even the rules have changed: the world is trying to shift towards less polluting cars, which means that if we see Fiat Punto, from what we knew, will remain only the name (probably).

Could Fiat Punto debut in 2023? What you need to know

Stellantis’ will in the light of the future seems to be, among many other things, to return to producing a classic B-segment through Fiat. A car that can compete at the European level with the best cars in the respective class. Although, at the moment, there doesn’t seem to be much else leaking about it.

And this is where the new genre might come in. A car that completely revolutionized compared to its predecessor and according to, according to the stylistic proportions of vehicles such as the Opel Corsa and Peugeot 208. In any case, the old Fiat Punto should inherit very little.

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Fiat Punto (web source) April 15, 2022
Fiat Punto, the show car that should debut on the market in 2023 (

Also because the goal of this car is to replace the Punto by revolutionizing the car we all remember so well, in every respect. By the way, you should not take its code name. The car is almost certainly powered by electricity (thermal engines should also be available).

However, for now, we should be satisfied to see some concepts done very well. However, 2023 is approaching, and the curiosity to understand whether Fiat has decided not to completely separate itself from its past or take another path entirely is truly fascinating. There is still a lot of time, even if The “resurrection” of an Italian symbol is getting closer and closer.

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