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WhatsApp Web shuts down: in its place multi-device functionality

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WhatsApp Web Goodbye: welcome to the job multi device. You can join the trial by going to Settings > Connected devices > Multi-device betaWhere you find all the information about why, basically, multiple devices is better than WhatsApp Web.

I Benefits It can be summarized as follows: Multiple devices allow you to use WhatsApp on four different devices without the phone being connected to the Internet (with WhatsApp Webor desktop or gateway, on the other hand, must be turned on and connected to the network). iPad support is also underway, which should arrive at the latest in a few months.

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From the latest beta released, it appears that activating the mode is irreversible. This means that it is no longer possible to return to WhatsApp Web, a feature that is now outdated compared to the possibilities offered by the new support. In fact, multiple devices don’t need to rely on the smartphone to work, which is a great feature if you work with WhatsApp but want to keep the phone locked (perhaps to avoid being disturbed by other notifications).

Any phone number can be linked Five devices (The main device, then a smartphone with a SIM card inside, plus four other devices such as computers and tablets).

We have seen before that the function can also be activated stable versions From WhatsApp, but in this case you can come back at any time. For now, at least: According to the latest news published by WABetaInfo, activation may soon become final for everyone.

that it WhatsApp beta for Android (Next The program can no longer be left. However, WhatsApp has not made any official announcement yet. There’s no news even about a multi-device extension on the iPad, which should arrive soon (nobody knows when exactly).

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