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WhatsApp, the secret function See what happens to your Crazy Discover app

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It’s really hard to keep up with everything new on the WhatsApp-owned Meta messaging platform.

There are a lot of them and they arrive in batches. There is no time to get used to a newness that is already coming next and you have to start getting to know it. Of course, this is all a good thing. In fact, it is what all users expect and which, above all, makes the fortunes of this platform that are now truly indispensable.

Updates upon updates more and more enrich the experience of ordinary users of the application. New features are always ready to amaze everyone. And a lot of developers have done that for privacy lovers. Just think about the possibility of leaving groups in a completely anonymous way.

or even temporary messages. In the event that you want to write something that is visible only for a short time or if you want to send multimedia content to be viewed only once, users can activate temporary messages. And soon, they’ll be able to do the same with voice messages, too. This way they will destroy themselves after the first listen.

But there are no new features just to enrich WhatsApp. In fact, there is a trick for more creative users that allows you to make a cool change to the entire platform. In this article, we will talk about it at length and reveal how to activate it. Make yourself comfortable because it’s a really interesting thing.

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We offer you the secret feature that changes the look of the app.

Are you ever tired of the color of your application? Have you ever thought about changing its color? Well, there is a really secret trick that will allow you to let your imagination run wild. It is unknown to most of the users. We want to tell you how to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Here’s how to change the color of the app –

If you have Android devicesChanging the color of WhatsApp would be child’s play. Open the app and go to “settingsUnder these, first go to “.chats“then in”TraitOn the screen that opens, clickChoose a topicHere you will have three opportunities to choose from:shortening“,”Clear” And “dark“.

Now let’s move on to iPhone. go inside”settingsFrom the app and in the library, you can activate the light or dark theme. If it’s set to “on“In the daytime it is clear, and therefore bright, and in the evening it is dark. Isn’t it insanely cool? We invite you to immediately change these settings, which will bring a breath of freshness to the platform.

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