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Whatsapp | Here’s a genius hack to fix these common problems: It’s happened to everyone, now no more panic

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Slow WhatsApp, how to fix –

Every day on WhatsApp, billions of messages, images, audio, and videos are shared and this could compromise its perfect functionality.

To overcome the problem of slowness or unexpected crashes of the application, it is possible to perform simple checks that will solve everything in no time.

WhatsApp is the world’s most downloaded instant messaging app, used by more than 2 billion users every day to keep in touch with friends and family, meet up with co-workers and even make purchases and reservations.

Making the most of the capabilities of an app bought in 2014 from the Meta has become a real chore for all users of all ages, however, some of them are, unfortunately, less tech-savvy and may encounter some more natural problems that Veratti solve in a completely natural way. .

Very often, especially if the device used is not of the latest generation but was bought or loaned a few years ago, users complain about slowdowns, sudden shutdowns and gross blocks of WhatsApp, to the point that it can only be solved by a complete reboot of their smartphone.

WhatsApp is slow and crashing, how to fix it in a few simple steps

The first thing to evaluate when using a device on which WhatsApp does not work properly is the presence of automatic downloading of media (audio, video and images) which can literally fill up the entire phone’s memory in a very short time, especially if it is saved to the part of the internal memory instead of to the card external memory.

How to clear WhatsApp cache – (Source: freepik)

These issues appear especially when you are part of many group chats or talking to many different people, to solve them you will need to go to the three dots at the top right – Settings – Space and data – Media auto download, it is advised here to set “No medium” in all existing fields.

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Once the automatic download has been deactivated, it will be possible to proceed with deleting the cache, that is, all those temporary files that allow the quick download of everything included in chats. Clearing the cache will not compromise your account in any way and will be able to solve many malfunctions. To do this, just go to your smartphone Settings – Applications – Manage applications (or show all applications) – WhatsApp – Clear data (or clear cache). At this point, it will be necessary to wait for the end of the process, and then restart the phone, if necessary, so that the device is like new.

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