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WhatsApp, here comes the novelty that cuts social networks: the functionality that will simplify your work

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Big news is coming to WhatsApp: the new function will simplify the work and add the long-called mod.

Meta developers work tirelessly to improve and expand companies’ social capabilities. development FacebookAnd Instagram And The WhatsApp It is continuous and it is difficult for users to keep up with updates and new features. The company’s goal is to diversify and continually improve the user experience to convince users to stay on their platforms and not turn to the competition.

Exciting news on WhatsApp –

Recently, for example, the introduction of channels on Facebook and Instagram has been announced. These are groups that a person subscribes to to receive updates (photos, news, videos) on a particular topic or product). A feature that has been around for a long time on Telegram and its loyal users half They have been asking for a long time.

In the last few hours known portal WABetainfoKnown worldwide for its WhatApp update leaks and previews, has revealed that a new feature is on its way to the instant messaging platform that will drastically change the user experience.

WhatsApp: the novelty that made social media go crazy

Since this is a leak, there is a possibility that the information in the prediction is not entirely correct and that the final version of this update is different from how it is presented now. But in these years WABetainfo He was distinguished by the accuracy of his predictions, so much so that he became a reliable source of information.

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New feature on WhatsApp
How will newsletters work –

According to what was revealed by the portal, V.I Beta for Android A feature called “Newsletter” was introduced. It will be a codename for a very similar function of the announced channels on Facebook and Instagram. As mentioned above, these are groups in which subscribers receive updates without being able to write or interact in any way.

Thus, the novelty is mainly aimed at those who work on WhatsApp, given that newsletters will allow sending messages and correspondence to an infinite number of clients. According to WABetainfo, these groups are not protected by end-to-end encryption, However, none of the participants will be able to see information about other users and only the manager will have access to the phone number of the group members.

The new functionality will complement, not replace, communities. It is in fact designed for macro interest group structures, within which there are smaller structures, and to facilitate discussions communications companies. To be clear, take the example of a very large editing group: a community can have an admin group, an admin group, and an executive group. So community admins can choose to communicate with managers, accountants or editors individually, but in the case of messages to everyone, write once to get the announcement across to each group.

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