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Whatsapp, here are two hacks that will completely change your life

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If you think you know everything about the popular messaging app WhatsApp, you will have to change your mind. Here are two really cool hacks that you’ll want to try right away.

WhatsApp really hides many secrets, but two characteristics of this widely used application make it unique. If you thought that WhatsApp is only for chatting with friends and making phone calls, you are very wrong. This instant messaging app allows you to do many things and its developers seem to be thinking of integrating other important functions with the features already in place which will make the app more efficient. But here are two ingenious WhatsApp tricks that you might not have heard of.

WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app in the world, followed by Telegram. The developers of this app, who are owned by Meta Platforms, never stop their work and always try to Surprising users with truly unimaginable new features For most people. It appears that, recently, they are working on allowing users to hide their access to only one person, in order to expand privacy-related options. Another novelty that WhatsApp offers is the ability to silence conference calls. But let’s take a closer look at what a file is TWO TRICKS YOU CAN DO WITH THIS APP YOU MAY NOT KNOW.

WhatsApp: Here are the two tricks you can’t wait to try

The first thing you can do if you use WhatsApp on a daily basis, chat with yourself. It’s crazy to say the least, but it can be very helpful to take notes or jot down the most important reminders. To activate this function, open Google and enter this address: along with your phone number (eg You will then be asked if you want to start a conversation with that number and you don’t have to do anything other than tap Continue.

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Another interesting trick is the possibility of Delete messages for everyone even an hour after sending the message that you want to delete. As you know, when you send a message, you have one hour to delete it. After this limit, the message can only be deleted on our devices. However, this trick will allow you to get around this problem (whether you have an iPhone or Android). After sending a message, turn on Airplane mode. Next, disable the automatic update settings. You will then need to change the date, and set it to the previous day. While staying in Airplane mode, enter the WhatsApp chat and select the messages you want to delete. This way it will not be visible to you or to others anymore.

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