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What will 6G offer again? It’s like science fiction for the best movies

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The ultra-fast network in ICT service, the countdown has begun: the announced date is in just a few years, in 2030, when much of what we hitherto considered science fiction seems highly likely. reality.

The adoption and implementation of 6G network technology planned for 2030 –

The event was held from August 10 to 12 in Harbin, China Global 5G Agreementduring which the most important companies witnessed telecom sector They discussed network developments, in particular networks 5G Based on 5G millimeter. But there is more: because he also found space there 6 g Which, in expectations, is real revolutions.

Briefly: From science fiction to reality. It seems that this is the fate that awaits us in a few years, with the phenomenon of expected obsolescence that is really interesting and of interest to the network. 5G: Although its “era” has only just begun, it is already considered It’s no longer enoughregarding functions and technologies still under development designed for the next few years.

metaverseAnd the XR Reality ExtensionAnd the digital avatars And above all, theholographic: If there are other expansions – announce Chang YongtaoDeputy General Manager ofEricsson Chinese Technology Department – Request for traffic movement network and demand eligibility The network will increase greatly.” This means “tens of thousands of base stations,” Yongtao continued [di rete 5G, ndr] It may not be enough“.

Predictions of technology transition to 6G

6G Technology August 18, 2022
Ericsson is already working on CT machines for the near future –

According to Yongtao’s predictions, the technologies that will require a lot in the coming years Speed Excellent transportation network as well More And to the lowest level response timecan only be applied and approved in areas where there will be many small 5G transmission systems.

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But to allow as many people as possible to use these technologies, according to Ericsson’s vice president It is necessary to pass to me 6 gwhich will allow to move forward on a large scale, particularly, but not limited to, technology related to 3D Communication.

king Ericsson Already at work 3D devices For a future – it seems – very near, based on LiDAR sensorswho will take over the task 3D layout of the interlocutors Participate in conversations and thus display the hologram on AR/VR . glasses. It’s like saying, “Take a chance, Mr. Solo.”

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