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What makes the image of a tribal leader in the heart of Canada?

In 2006, while exploring satellite images available through Google Earth, Lynn Hickaux made an exciting and unexpected discovery that captivated the entire world. He really found it in the heart of Canada, A mysterious representation The human head wearing the helmet of a common tribe. Very exciting profile, visible only from above, caught everyone’s attention for a while.

Visible only from above when flying over the area where the image is located. But it can be easily identified By Google Earth Satellite ImagesAbove all, thanks to those who made the discovery. But what does that big and majestic human head do? Is this a piece of land art that no one claims?

From the moment of discovery, Myths, beliefs and fascinating stories Was told to try to explain the mystery of The Guardian of the Badlands, Defender of the Badlands, who appears to be vigilantly guarding a portion of Canadian land. The picture is also visible on a plane flying over the Medicine Hot Area in Alberta. But why is that? And who created that film?

The Badlands Guardian: Between Myth, Truth and Myth

The Guardian image of the Badlands stretches 255 meters wide and 225 meters long near the ground. Medicine cap, Canadian Urban Center, owned by some local growers. There are many who argue that that human profile has been around for centuries Goes straight back to Maya. Another, on the other hand, believes the aliens have a hand in the Badlands Guardian.

But the truth is, according to experts, none of these theories are true. The film, in fact, is illustrated together Strange geographical feature Due to the erosion of the soil, they are rich in clay and in contact with water they rain.

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A miracle of nature, therefore, was created following a series Determining and random factors It gave life to a real human figure carved on the earth, with nose, eyes, mouth and native helmet.

Many who have looked closely at the photograph have also noticed some Earphones around the man’s face It faces west, which is why it is nicknamed the Guardian of the Badlands Indian head with earphone. The mystery of those headphones has also been explained: on Earth, those two figures resemble a road and an oil well, respectively.

The solution to the mystery of the Guardian of the Badlands, which gives everyone the image of a human profile, explained by experts The occurrence of pareidolia, An illusion that triggers the identification of familiar or familiar forms in formless forms.

Discovery of the mysterious guardian

The Badlands Guardian: That Was discovered entirely by accident Lynn Hickax explored the area with satellite imagery available through Google Earth at Medicine Hot in Cyprus County, Alberta, Canada. Picture “carved” land owned by some local growers.

Since its discovery, many have moved to Canada to explore the land, although it is privately owned. Also, on closer inspection, it does not make the same recommendation.

However, on the contrary, the view of the other allows one to appreciate all the recommendations of that great protector drawn on earth. We can see clearly too Thanks to Google Satellite Images, At these coordinates: 50 0’38.20 ″ N, 110 ° 06 ′ 48.32 ″ W.

Badlands Guardian viewed from Google Maps satellite imagery