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What is the minimum income to make a tax return and when the exemption from 730 is triggered instead

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On an annual basis while respecting established deadlines, millions of taxpayers in Italy are summoned and obligated to submit their tax returns to the tax authorities. In this period, among others, the 2022 reporting season began. On the income obtained in 2021.

This is because millions of taxpayers including employees, the self-employed, and retirees, can now view their pre-filled 2022 tax return. Then transfer it electronically. With or without modifications.

However, the taxpayer is not always obligated to submit the tax return and thus electronically transmit it to the Revenue Agency. This is because there are many cases of exemption. Let’s see what it is then in detail and start with the exemption for the 730.

What is the minimum income to make a tax return and when is the a730 exemption turned on instead

In detail, exemption from filing a return can be started not only based on the category to which the taxpayer belongs, but also on the type of income to be declared and the amount of tax to be paid.

What is the minimum income to file a tax return then? It must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Hence, it is always best to use CAF support or the advice of your trusted accountant.

When the exemption from submitting a permit is activated, here’s how

Having said that, it must also be said that all taxpayers whose income is less than 3000 euros in a tax year are exempt from filing a tax return.

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The minimum amount of €3,000 indicates any type of income and does not take into account the main place of residence and related facilities. But as long as the taxpayer is not obligated Keeping accounting records.

The income limit for exemption from filing and transmitting a tax return also varies according to the taxpayer category. As mentioned above. For example, a family that received pension income in the tax year and for an amount not exceeding the threshold of 7,500 is exempt from filing a tax return. euro. Furthermore, like the exemption from filing and sending Form 730, the taxpayer can also be exempted from submitting and submitting the Individual Income Form.

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