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What is a notice of separation and how does it work?

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One protection an employer can use if an employee is fired is the notice that the latter must give. But not only that, it is a series of obligations that the business owner himself must fulfill. Let’s explore it together in the next article.

Although it can be assumed that from the nameNotice obligation in case of dismissal It can only belong to the employee, this fact leads to Obligations are also at the head of the employer. There is one thing that unites both forms in this case: the fact that the two terms are the same for both.

Let’s see how it works and what the employee and the employer should do in cases of dismissal.

Dismissal: when is it effective by law?

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before you see How does dismissal notice work?Let’s see what, in addition to the automatic, the reasons and reasons that an employer may incur in the dismissal of one of his employees. One of the most important is disciplinary dismissal: this occurs when an employee performs wrong behaviors. The cases are:

  • Separation for a good reason: The truth is so serious that it prevents the business relationship from continuing even for just one day. In these cases, notice is not required;
  • Dismissal for a justified personal reason: This is a less serious fact, but in any case it does not allow the continuation of the working relationship. In this case, prior notice is required.
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The notice must be given in case of dismissal by law, otherwise the employer will have to pay a fine. Usually this should be two months.

Notice of dismissal: When is it mandatory?

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lets see Cases where notice of dismissal becomes mandatory. As mentioned earlier, the commit stops for Separation for a just cause, that is, in the event of a severe tripping. Notification should not be given even during a possible trial period.

Moreover, the notice is clearly not due When the contract ends naturally. It is clear that even if the worker does not want to continue the employment relationship, he is not required to communicate anything.

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