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What happened to Lorena Fortezza? After years of disappearance, the truth appears!

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One of the most famous scenes in Italian cinema is undoubtedly the Latin dance of Lorena Fortezza Cyclone, the second film by Leonardo Perraccioni who started his career as a director and actor. More than 25 years after the movie’s release: Let’s take a look at what happened to Lorena Fortezza, the hero who plays Catherine in the movie. Lorena Fortezza’s film career was intensified mainly in the performance of Il Ciclone. Movies, in fact, have never been her world, but the girl has made two more forays to the big screen in Let’s celebrate Eid And pitch shot, then act in a wonderful fantasy world. This experience dates back to 2005, and since then we have not seen Lorena either in the cinema or on TV.

Lorena Fortezza, in fact, is a model who, after three movie experiences from 1996 to 1998, decided to return to the world, taking her first steps. Born in Colombia but raised in Spain, Lorena from an early age has been involved in numerous photo shoots, advertising campaigns and TV commercials. Over time, the traces of this woman disappeared, disappeared from the world of cinema, completely left the scene. It seems that the Il Ciclone actress went through a period of deep crisis after giving birth, a difficult period that forced her into retirement which quickly led her into oblivion, like a real meteor. His problems were mainly related to being overweight. A problem that the dancer did not try to hide at all.

Preferred to talk about it in several interviews. Her body changed with her weight gain. That’s why I resorted to plastic surgery on the TV show scalpel! no one is perfect. It appears that the weight gain was also due to her divorce from ex-husband Damiano Spelta. The man also obtained custody of his son Robin and the woman was not able to tolerate and accept this condition, so much so that she weighed almost 70 kilograms. s.Fortunately, with time, the dancer recovered and today is slowly back on the scene. In fact, the plump clothing brand chose her as a testament, and on top of that she seems to have regained her relationship with her son who is now grown up and lives in Italy. On the other hand, she lives in Spain with her loved ones, although she is originally from Colombia. In the meantime, we hope she has regained her calm and is back to flaunt her beautiful smile.

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