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Weather report. Hurricane Fiona hits Atlantic Canada. Landslide possible over weekend «3B Meteo

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Cyclone Fiona as seen from satellite
Cyclone Fiona as seen from satellite

After sowing death and destruction in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, about 700 mm of rain fell in a matter of hours. Cyclone Fiona has diverted its course Also points north. It is now located at coordinates 21.3N 70.9W, 150 km north of the Dominican Republic and 50 km southeast of the Turks and Caicos Islands. It is a category 3 hurricane, First major of the season Atlantic, and in the next few hours, warmer than normal ocean water will flow and it will increase Until you reach category 4 It remains unchanged for a few days as it moves up the Atlantic Ocean.

The wind speed around its center is 200 kmph It is expected to pass within a short distance of Bermuda on Friday. There the consequences can be very serious. But what’s worrying is that its subsequent track could come in at a higher speed to impact eastern Canada by the weekend.

Recent predictions show his potential Sunday’s landfall between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland Island, So at more northern latitudes. At that point it will take on the characteristics of a strong extra-tropical cyclone, flowing over the cold waters of the North Atlantic. But there may be an impact on Canadian territory Winds up to 160km/h, strong gales and heavy rain.

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Cyclone Fiona's predicted path
Cyclone Fiona’s predicted path

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