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Weather report. An exceptional cold wave between Canada and the northeastern United States. Highs above -40°C between Friday and Saturday « 3B Meteo

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Weather forecast.  February 3-4: A severe frost breaks out between Canada and the northeastern United States
Weather forecast. February 3-4: A severe frost breaks out between Canada and the northeastern United States

Decreased first coagulation. The first major freeze extends from Canada to Central America and parts of the southern United States to Texas. States like North Dakota and Minnesota experienced cooler temperatures on Tuesday, with a peak of -32°C. In snow-covered Canadian lands, the climate became even more severe in states like Quebec. The column fell to -45°C between the end of last week and the start of the week. Tuesday -26°C in Iowa, -25°C in Illinois, -13°C in Texas at 800m. It’s a first glacial eruption that has now moved into the Great Lakes region, slowing down in intensity and waiting for a new and bigger one to make its way from Friday.

A new and more powerful ice wave from Friday. In addition to eastern Canada, it will also target the northeastern United States. According to all recent model predictions, isotherms above -35/-35°C are expected in the northern state, in the range of -30/-35°C along the northern shores of the Great Lakes at about 1500 m altitude. New York, -40°C over Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as of course the Canadian states of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. As a curiosity, we point out that the -40°C isotherm at 1500m goes up to the latitude of the Alps, although North America is different from Europe, even though winters are harsher at the same latitude.

Expected temperature. Between Friday and Saturday temperatures will all change to -15°C in New York, -31°C in Quebec, -30°C in Ottawa and -31°C in Montreal, but Peaks outside of large urban centers reach -45°C and even beyond. In the northeast of the United States, Montpellier, the capital of Vermont, recorded a low of -29 degrees Celsius on Saturday morning, Augusta, the capital of Maine, and Concord, the capital of -27 degrees Celsius. New Hampshire. Crossing the border into Canada, temperatures are forecast to drop to -31C in Fredericton, New Brunswick and -27C in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Perceived temperatures. A snow disturbance accompanied by sustained northwesterly winds with gusts of 60-70km/h will intensify the feeling of frost. Temperatures in Montreal dropped to -44 degrees Celsius, -39°C in Ottawa, -23°C in New York. To complete the picture, there will also be real snowstorms in the Great Lakes region.

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