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Weather forecasts and cities with red flags for heat and temperatures

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( – As widely expected, the African anticyclone Apocalypse4800, having hit Western Europe above all, is expanding towards the east: today, after leaving France and British Islands Amidst exceptional records of heat and violent storms, it will also strike abnormally Germany and the Scandinavian countries. A temperature of 24 ° C at 1,500 meters will reach these areas in northern Europe, which means 35/40 ° C in the plains: the values ​​\u200b\u200bprobably record here as well.

hot weekend

Later, over the weekend, the further expansion of the anticyclone eastward will also increase the heat in Italy: many will say, but isn’t the climate in our country already hot enough? Unfortunately it is true, it is already hot, we are 7/8 degrees above the period average but in the direction the freezing point will rise again from the current 4800m locally to 5000m and therefore the temperatures in the plains will rise to 40/42°C in the shade.

On the other hand, the name Apocalisse4800 explains well the situation with freezing temperatures at incredible altitudes, 1000 meters higher than usual: the thermometer goes below zero only at altitudes over 4800 meters and given that the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, Its height reaches 4809 meters, and here the ice of all the Alps is melting!

Lorenzo Tedesia meteorologist at unfortunately confirms that the exceptional heat will hit the north early in the next few hours, and by the weekend it will also reach indistinctly the center and the south.

heat wave record

This horrific situation could continue until the end of the month. We are facing one of the worst heatwaves in history, both in perseverance and duration and also as geographical extension: from Portugal to France, from Spain to Ireland, from Scotland and England to Belgium and Germany and now even Scandinavia!

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But are there places where the weather is great? At this time, it withstands temperatures slightly below average in European Russia, Turkey and part of Greece: in the world, the northern hemisphere, summer is hot almost everywhere except for China and in the eastern United States where, for example, in New York we have Floods and temperatures below 25°C were recorded.

The red dot in 14 cities

According to the Ministry of Health’s heatwave bulletin, there are 9 Italian cities with a red dot today in Italy: Alert Level 3, maximum value, affects Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Florence, Genoa Latina, Perugia, Rieti and Rome . But in the next few days, the heat wave will intensify even more: tomorrow also the red dot in Campobasso, Frosinone, Milan, Turin and Viterbo, for a total of 14 cities will rise to 16 on Friday, with the addition of Trieste and Verona. The orange label (alert 2) today in Campobasso, Frosinone, Milan, Turin, Trieste, Verona and Viterbo. Alert 2 tomorrow in Trieste and Verona, Friday in Pescara and Civitavecchia. Naples is the only city in green, today, tomorrow and Friday.

40 degrees until August

Wednesday. 20 In the north: abundant sun and intense heat. In the middle: the prevailing sun and the heat on the Tyrrhenian side. South: sunny.

Thursday, 21 in the north: copious sun and intense heat. In the middle: sun and intense heat. In the south: sun and heat, peaks in Puglia.

Friday 22. In the north: torrential sun and intense heat, nuisance. In the middle: sun and intense heat, inconvenience. And in the south: sunny and very hot.

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direction. Unfortunately, the African anticyclone can withstand Italy until the end of the month with extreme highs of up to 40-42 ° C and on tropical nights up to 24-27 ° C.

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