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We Still With Passion – Lo Spazio Bianco

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once again Comedy, Animation, Film and Game Festival in Fiera di Roma In its fall version. “White space” is Media Partner from the event.

Jordi BurnettAnd the Yoshiko Watanabe And the Filippo Scuzzari: Names of the three great comics authors who will receive an award “Golden Romans” profession to give dimension 29th Edition From the festival that will be held in the capital from 6 to 9 October.

Come on Caricature Acting European Authors Mango And for Japanese animation, without neglecting pop comics, celebrate wolf alberto60 years of publication Diabolic and 50 in Italy oscar lady (“The Rose of Versailles”), the Romans pursued their aspiration for a collective party, showcasing the masses and prospects for reading.

Besides ‘comic strip’ events, the Capitoline event takes over the unified format of multimedia sections dedicated to entertainment, cinema and video games, and is also opening up to YouTubers and social influencers. there special guest Christina Davina will tickle the uvula of those “Generation Romans” who have grown up with the festival. It is not uncommon to come across five wings and beyond 70,000 square meters Fiera di Roma fairs, for parents, who have already attended the event as children, and today adults return there with their children, often immersed in a colorful and festive river cosplayeranother element that has long characterized the Roman event.

We are from “Lo Spazio Bianco” for the second time Media Partner From Romics, we will try to tell you about the events related to the comics with the passion that has always marked our critical and popular experience, which came to celebrate twenty years of activity. “passion“, despite the diversity of dialects, experiences and experiences, seems to us to be the essential element that unites readers, authors, dissemination of facts and the organization of the Romans themselves. This is also attested by these short unpublished interviews with the artistic director of the event, Sabrina BerocaThe Comedy, Scholars and Cartoonists Prize Committee Sergio Brancato And the Enrico Fornaroliat the end of the latest version.

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