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Water Road, the new James Cameron movie trailer!

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It’s time to stop whatever we’re doing and watch the new official trailer for Avatar 2: La Via dell’Acqua. The James Cameron movie will arrive on December 14 in Italian cinemas.

You can continue to contact him Avatar 2but to be precise, the correct address is Avatar: Water Road. The Avatar sequel that we can see today New trailer Coming to theaters in 43 days December 14, 2022. Movie James Cameron It promises to be a great cinematic experience, much more immersive than the first film released in Italy in January 2010. Talking about films is almost an understatement, because the director has created a narrative and visual world by exploiting all the most advanced technologies in the audio-visual sector, expanding Stories and characters for four sequels.

Below is the new official Italian-language trailer for Avatar: Water Road.

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Avatar 2: The plot and the official poster for the James Cameron movie

The story takes place several years after the events of the first story symbol picture. find the two heroes Jake Sully And the niteris always interpreted by Sam Worthington And the Zoe SaldanaStill together and with the kids, ready to explore a limitless world Pandora. We will see them encounter new conflicts between humans and their species, but the very upbringing of children will bring some disagreement to the couple’s different views.
The cast includes newcomers Kate WinsletAnd the Eddie FalcoAnd the Michelle Yeoh And the Vin DieselWhile we will find her again Stephen LangAnd the Sigourney WeaverAnd the Joel David MooreAnd the Matt Gerald And the Giovanni Ribisi.

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