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Warning risk of energy poverty retirees

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Beware of the elderly without water or light. Because, in recent weeks, the social alarm has gone off. One about the dangers of energy poverty for retirees. And this is after, since the third quarter of last year, there has been an unsustainable increase in electricity and gas prices in Italy. As mentioned in this article.

In particular, it was not only consumer associations that sounded the alarm for the elderly without water or electricity, but also the unions of pensioners. Given the fact that in our country there are many retirees who take monthly pensions INPS scans are too low. Not enough already to reach the end of the previous month for the last high energy.

Elderly people without water or electricity: the alarm for energy-poor retirees

There is also recent research on the dangers of older adults without water or increased light. Sponsored by the Spi-Cgil Foundation and Di Vittorio. This shows that more than 33% of the elderly in Italy are at risk of energy poverty. Percentage that goes up to 47% if it is included retired Already living in conditions of energy poverty.

Moreover, in the drama of the elderly without water or light, the study emphasizes social rewards. Those specifically intended for pensioners and low-income families to lower the costs of electricity, gas and water bills. In this regard, this Social Rewards It doesn’t reach everyone who really needs it.

Retirement risk of energy poverty, growing difficulty in accessing minimal services

Moreover, recent increases in the provision for 2022 are insufficient for seniors without water or electricity INPS. In what The cost of living is accelerating Especially with regard to power users.

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