May 30, 2023

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“War Criminal” Chaos on TV – Libero Quotidiano

Stiff back and forth between the former minister Marco Minetti and the actor Escanio Celestine to me countercurrenta web talk show 4 hosted by Veronica Gentile. In recent weeks, the former owner of Viminale has ended up in plain sight for a background on Pope Francis that worries him closely. In fact, according to some rumors, the Pope had defined Minetti as a “war criminal” because he would be part of an institution that is in the gun market.

This indiscretion found no response, but Celestine used it to attack Minetti. Regarding Celestini studio, he said: “The dad Does it say about you that you are a war criminal, and you trade in arms, do you have nothing to say? “.

Minnette’s response was ready: “I do not comment on rash acts that have no confirmation.” It seemed there, but when Celestine spoke again he continued to attack the former minister. However, Minnette immediately silenced him: “If you have to keep doing this, you’re not going anywhere. Speak and take care of the things you know.” With difficulty Gentile manages to calm Minniti, who reciprocates to Celestine. In short, a Question and Answer Dry which definitely created some embarrassment for the presenter.

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