Home Top News Volleyball World Cup, Lavia: “After Canada we also want to beat Turkey”

Volleyball World Cup, Lavia: “After Canada we also want to beat Turkey”

Volleyball World Cup, Lavia: “After Canada we also want to beat Turkey”

The Calabrian hammer found Italy’s way to close the qualifying round in style against the Canadians. Turkey is on Monday at 9.15pm

From our correspondent Gian Luca Pacini

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Di Giorgi’s Italy go into the second match against Turkey (Monday at 9.15pm) after a good win against Canada.

How did Daniel Lavia fare?

“We were good. Because for the first two sets we imposed our game from a tactical and technical point of view, only in the third set we made some mistakes, but I think we can do it. . . I believe our character was seen even then.”

Now Turkey and then China close the group on Wednesday.

“These are the games we must definitely try to win in order to take advantage of these matches and be ready to grow when the knockout phase starts. Now we are not counting sets. We are thinking about winning first.”

What has changed in the squad since the Nations League final?

“Nothing, we lost two games, we didn’t play our best, but on the other side of the net there were two important teams like France and Poland. Maybe at the moment we are not at their level, but I will try everything to get there, maybe already in this World Cup … “.

But do you have the complexity of these two teams?

“No, they are stronger than us right now. There is nothing to do. To beat them, we have to play our best volleyball, which we didn’t do in the Nations League final. But if we get a new opportunity, we are clear that we will try again.

The last 14 months have been an incredible launch pad for Daniel Lavia: from reserve to the Tokyo Games, after a difficult year, with Trento and the national team as an absolute protagonist …

“I don’t look back. They were intense months, even the most beautiful ones. I try to look forward, try to do better and better. Since the European Championship victory, everything has changed. Of course something has changed. My head: I had more responsibility, more pressure.

Relationship with stress?

“We live with pressure. I’m honest, I’m always thinking about the shot I have to make, I try to think about what the team needs at that moment. So I try to keep it at bay.”

In the match against Canada, Lavia did everything: reception, blocking, attacking (he was Italy’s top scorer, ed). Which shot gives you the most flavor?

“To play cheese. Maybe it’s because I haven’t done much yet, but I like it a lot. In fact, we’ve been working a lot on this basis lately”.

Lavia da Rossano Calabro, Russo from Palermo, Italy The coach moves south from Scinzano, the axis of Italy.

“We’re all Southerners, as they say. I’m joking of course: it’s a good group, good together, fun, laughs a lot.”

Were Rossano Calabro’s jokes hard to ignore?

“Honestly yes. Corigliano was my springboard in Serie A and from there I started showing myself and things changed a bit. I think a boy from the north has more opportunities.”

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“A little slow. It was a little bit of a problem in the 52 games played in the winter this year. But I already promised to do more in the next game. I took that with me. I do. It’s right to make a substitute for volleyball.


Group A (Kadowicz, Poland, Day 2) Monday 5.30pm Serbia-Puerto Rico; 20.30 Ukraine-Tunisia. Ranking Tunisia and Serbia 1 win-0 loss (3 points); Ukraine and Puerto Rico 0-1 (0).

Group B (Ljubljana, Slovenia, Day 2) Cuba-Qatar 3-1 (25-21, 25-21, 22-25, 25-19); Brazil 3-0 Japan (25-21, 25-18, 25-16). Standings Brazil 2-0 (5), Cuba 1-1 (4), Japan 1-1 (3); Qatar 0-2 (0).

Group C (Kadowicz, Day 2) USA-Bulgaria 3-0 (25-20, 25-23, 26-24); Poland-Mexico 3-0 (25-17, 25-14, 25-19). classification USA and Poland 2-0 (6); Bulgaria and Mexico 0-1 (0).

Group D (Ljubljana, Day 2) Germany-Cameroon 3-0 (30-28, 25-14, 25-19); France 3-2 Slovenia (25-21, 22-25, 23-25, 34-32, 15-7). Table France 2-0 (5), Slovenia 1-1 (4); Germany 1-1 (3); Cameroon 0-1 (0)

Group E (Ljubljana, Day 2) Monday 11 a.m. Canada-China; Italy-Turkey at 9.15pm (Live on Roy 2 and Sky Sports Arena). Ranking Turkey and Italy 1-0 (3); Canada and China 0-1 (0).

Group F (Ljubljana, Day 2) Monday afternoon 2 Argentina-Holland (Live Raisport and Sky Sport Arena); 17.30 Iran-Egypt. classification Netherlands 1-0 (3);
Iran 1-0 (2); Argentina 0-1 (1); Egypt 0-1 (0).


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