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Volleyball, Nations League: Italy-Canada at 1, then Argentina 20

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De Georgie’s Blues Faces Double Challenge In 24 Hours And Double Dream

All in twenty-four hours. De Giorgi’s Italy will learn more about his form and his ambitions within a day. At 7pm in Ottawa (1am in the Italian sky) Blues confronts the hosts of Canada, a group led by Stephen Marr, who knows how dangerous it can be to be especially dangerous in front of his own people, even if he no longer has squadron skills. Has beaten Assyria many times in the past. But Italy have already scored two goals and dream of finishing this first Nations League weekend with three wins. Because he had already won a bronze medal at the Tokyo Games against Argentina (at the age of 20) in exactly 19 hours in the match against Canada.

After Poland

The comeback victory against Poland gave new hope to the Italian team that came out of the defeat against France. Among other things, these two tournaments are an opportunity for many Assyrians to show themselves in view of the finals taking place in Bologna. Part of the team, which is currently based in Ottawa, will travel to experience the Mediterranean Games. But there is time for all this, first there are two races on the same day. This Italy is so hungry.

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