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Vipitino: The Broncos coaching staff has not changed

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Wipptal Broncos Weihenstephan is pleased to announce the confirmation of his first team coaching squad appointment.

With this coach Johan Sjoquist and his assistant and goalkeeping coach Aaron Kieskemiti will be behind the goalkeepers again. Along with them will also be sports coach Valentin Moore.

Sjoquist joined the Broncos last season from Swedish club Söderts HC, after coaching the Vienna Capitals Silver in the Alpine Hockey League in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons. Under his leadership, the Broncos enjoyed the best season in the club’s recent history, and in the semi-finals of the Alpine Hockey League they narrowly failed to beat Ritner-Boam. In addition, he developed the Broncos’ young players and partners Val Pusteria and Falcons Bressanone so flawlessly that activating the option in the contract was a given.

Even for the Swedish coach, the decision was easy:

“I’m very happy and can’t wait to return to Vipiteno to start the season with the team and the rest of the staff. We’ve had a good season and achieved some great successes, and the whole resort has given us incredible support. We will work hard to continue this journey, continue to develop the team and take the next step.

His Hungarian assistant and goalkeeper coach Aaron Kecskemeti, who was active for years in the Debrecen DEAC as well as in the Hungarian U-18 national team before joining Wipptal for years, also made his mark in his first season. Not only with the first team goalkeepers, but also in the youth sector, Aaron has done an excellent job and moreover has been very active in the social media sector, proving to be a real added value for the club.

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Aaron is happy to continue cooperation:

“I am thrilled to renew my contract with the Broncos and return to this amazing team. My family and I already feel at home in this great community, and I am honored to be part of the Broncos family. We look forward to contributing to their continued success together.”

Finally, Valentin Moore prepared the team perfectly from a sporting standpoint, accompanying them perfectly after their return in the new year. The Broncos’ success last season was due in large part to him.

Even for sporting director Egon Schnitzer, the decision was simple:

“Everyone in the coaching team was in perfect harmony from the beginning, and Johan and Aron complemented each other. With Johan we saw immediately that he loved working with young players, and Aron showed what he can offer from goalkeepers. Together with Valentin they will once again be able to take the team to the next level. The highest level.

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