Home entertainment VIP false green passes, also achieved by an actor from the film Carlo Verdone

VIP false green passes, also achieved by an actor from the film Carlo Verdone

VIP false green passes, also achieved by an actor from the film Carlo Verdone

Among the suspects for forgery by the Prosecutor’s Office Rome To pretend to be vaccinated against her Corona virus diseasein order to obtain from the National Health Service the green laneThere is also a lawyer, a main actor in the film Carlo Verdone Benedetta follia is a pharmacy owner in a hundred cells. All thanks to the alleged complicity of the general practitioner and dentist Alessandro Avigne, who are accused of organizing a theatrical performance to obtain a vaccination certificate also for a retired judge, comedian Pepo Franco and forensic pathologist Antonio de Luca. The Carbinery In early November, Del Naz confiscated nine “suspicious” green lanes.

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pirate attack

The judges of the Rome Review Tribunal relaxed the restrictive measures against Dr. Avene (who was previously under house arrest), ordering, however, that Ban from practicing medicine for one year. White Coat, with the help of attorney Salvatore Volpi, has reasserted his innocence: he claims that all his vaccines were original and that he did not register these patients on the Lazio region gate because he had stumbled in the wake of the pirate attack that took place between July 31 and August 1. However, Liberty judges believe that “the circumstance does not appear to have influenced the data entry by the suspect.”

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To corroborate this accusation, according to the review, there are objections from Nass from which it appeared that Professor De Luca had informed Avigne of “new patients likely to be vaccinated, with whom the suspect also spoke over the phone, as well as face-to-face”, as can be inferred from Carabinieri ambush that surprised Pepo Franco and his wife, theater actress Pira Pacino. Among the “discrepancies that were found” is the number of people vaccinated by the doctor, compared to 22 vials of Pfizer at his disposal. Moreover, the people who were It is possible that they vaccinated them they were not in Rome on the day of the alleged administration, “the phone calls were a hint and ridiculous in regard to the lack of side effects – explain the review judges – and the supposed vaccinator was very concerned when he had to take part in mass events, namely the baptism ».

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