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Video with 8 more minutes of gameplay leaked online for FPS horror –

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mockery She comes back to show herself in a new one 8 minutes playing videoapparently unpublished even if it’s not clear how it was posted on the web, was posted by YouTuber OpyGam3r and reported above for the interesting thing. Horror first person shooter.

In the 8-minute video, we see different gameplay scenes without any audio commentary, similar to what appeared previously with a 14-minute video released last October, so we can only see what is happening on the screen and speculate on the work of the device. The game, where some scenes continue to be decidedly unbelievable strange.

In particular, we notice how in most phases of the action in the style of a full-fledged first-person shooter, other situations seem to present a kind of mysteryall focused on interacting with alien machines mixing mechanical elements with other organic elements, in a disturbing mix that perfectly fits into the overall style of the game.

As we all know from the time it was announced, Scorn is clearly inspired by Drawing pattern by Hans Ruedi Giger, an artist of unmistakable character who has also contributed to the construction of the alien myth thanks to his nightmarish visions. The Scorn was recently ported to October 2022 but doesn’t have a release date yet, with an Xbox Game Pass leak indicating that October 7, 2022, but it’s still popular.

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