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Pretending to be Keanu Reeves and stealing €20,000, the victim believes he was having an affair with the actor

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He pretends to be Keanu Reeves and manages to cheat 20,000 euros from a 60-year-old man from Siena. The guy thought that he was a friend of the actor and paid a large sum to be able to open a gift.

managed to pretend Keanu Reeves For about 4 months and deceived a 60-year-old, withdrawing 20,000 euros. It happened in Siena and the victim is a man who has long been convinced that he has become a great friend of a Hollywood actor. He paid a large sum of money because he was convinced that he could thus open a gift package sent to him by the actor, which would have contained a diamond ring among other things, which had been blocked due to fictitious tariffs.

They used Deepfake to pretend to be Keanu Reeves

The money request will not come with the first contacts. The scammers gradually gained the trust of the 60-year-old man and then made the final request and landed the scam. In fact, they were able to use a technique deep To send videos of the victim convinced him that he is really in front of the star.

Gift package and €20,000 scam

Only when they were completely convinced that they had won the man’s trust, the fraudsters spoiled their balance, heading towards the final stage of cheating. They made the victim think they got a gift package. When the 60-year-old accepted the gift, a shipping company named after him called him and told him to pay customs duties for the shipment. Only at this point did the man begin sending the requested money in the hope that he could unlock the gift that Reeves had received for the fake. Suspecting the constant requests for money and the impossibility of opening the gift, the man began to demand the money sent. He therefore advised him to open, at his own expense, a checking account in which he would pay the amount already spent. But to open the account in question, it was necessary to proceed with a paid authentication. Then the victim understood the situation File a complaint. The Postal Police is now working to identify the perpetrators.

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